Adobe Interview Experience for Member of Technical Staff-2

Adobe Interview Experience for Member of Technical Staff-2I applied through referral and after few days got the call for interviews.Round 1:Complete code for stock span problem using class and functions( The interviewer also asked to execute the code on ideone (online ide) and run some testcases. I wrote the complete code for both brute force and optimized approach and also all testcases passed.Round 2:  Find subarray with zero-sum( Also, need to return the starting and ending index if foundBased on the string (not remember the problem exactly)I am able to solve the first problem completely with the optimized approach but got stuck in the second problem, he gave me some hints and after that, we had some discussion about the correct approach but as the interview time is over I was not able to code it.As the overall feedback of the above two interviews is positive I got the call for the hiring manager round.Hiring Manager round has very high weightage and probably it will be the most difficult among all interviews 🙂Round 3(Hiring Manager):Difference between malloc and newDesign a class where if any object is created in the stack it gives a compilation errorPrint matrix in spiral form( no of overlaps (Greedy Approach) similar to this one( are the possible reasons for the crash?I am able to answer all questions but for 2nd question, she asked me a cross-question which I am not able to answer properly.After 1-2 days HR informed me that the feedback of this round is also positive, and I will be having a director round the next day.Round 4(Director Round):How virtual keyword works in the backend (concept of vtable and _vptr)Overload pre and post-increment operatorDifference between normal constructor and constructor with initializer listFor all the coding problems they expect to write complete working code.After the director round on the same day, I received the call from HR that I am selected 🙂All the best !!