Amazon Interview Experience for Programmer Analyst 2021

Round 1: Online AssessmentThe first round at Amazon was an online test. I was asked two problems. The first problem was like, you’re given an array of integer input, where each element represents the size of a part. You have to combine all parts and make a single part with the least time, the time taken to combine apart is the sum of the parts. The second problem was like your given array for background applications and array for foreground applications of a computer, where each element represents the cost of the application, and also your given the capacity. Find the most optimal combination of single background and single foreground application. If there are multiple applications return the array of combinations. Here optimal combination means a combination where we can use the most of the capacity provided.And then I had 4 interviews out of which two were technical rounds and the other two were managerial rounds (bar raiser rounds). Two technical rounds and one managerial round were scheduled on the same day.Round 2: First Technical RoundMy First technical Interview started with my introduction and then we moved on to technical questions, where I was asked two problems.The first problem was to design a data structure with functionalities like – Insert, remove, search and generate a random id.The second question asked was similar to the online test: Then they asked me some questions about my previous experience. Either it was about a particular project or a scenario where I have been earlier hinting at one of their principles (For example, a scenario where I have gone to the root of the problem to achieve the solution).Round 3: Managerial Round (Canceled)Then my managerial interview was scheduled which got postponed, due to the unavailability of the manager.Round 4: Second Technical RoundThen I had my second technical interview round, which started with my introduction.The first question was There is an unlimited Stream of integers, at any instance find the sum of K smallest numbers.The second problem was similar to the platform train problem. The link to the problem is I was asked questions about my experience, where I was asked a scenario where I had to deal with the customers.Then I got a call from my recruiter telling me that my application is moved forward and my final interview round is scheduled.Round 5: Decision-Making RoundThis round was a managerial round (Decision making round), where my overall experience was Pathetic. My Interview started with questions about my experience, due to some reason I was not able to answer in the proper format (The STAR principle) and I stumbled a lot. Later on, I was given a single problem.The question was to find the largest subset with only k alphabets.My interview was over in 40 minutes, and I thought I lost the only opportunity I received. Then I received a call from my recruiter that my second round (The managerial round) which was earlier skipped has been rescheduled.Round 6: Managerial Round (Rescheduled)This round started with my introduction. Since I mentioned I am good at Java. My interview was completely based on core java, Multithreading, OOPs, interfaces, Abstract classes, Exception handling – try catch finally, deadlock, MySQL – Normal forms, Joins, etc., I was asked two write two solutions, the first one was to write an implementation of Polymorphism where I had to build a structure for three classes Bike, Car and Truck. He expected me to build them using Interfaces ( I did the same). And the second was a MySQL question regarding many to many relationships. He asked me to build a structure that stores the hospital’s Operation department, where there are doctors, patients, and a patient booking an appointment.Then my interviewer moved on to my experience and asked me a scenario where I had to dive into the root of the problem to achieve the solution, and then he asked me another scenario where I had faced difficulty in achieving the solution, where I had solved half the problem and then realized it’s not happening, how did I go about it. Status: Selected as a Programmer AnalystAttention reader! Don’t stop learning now. Get hold of all the important DSA concepts with the DSA Self Paced Course at a student-friendly price and become industry ready. To complete your preparation from learning a language to DS Algo and many more, please refer Complete Interview Preparation Course. In case you are prepared, test your skills using TCS, Wipro, Amazon. Google ,  E-Litmus and Microsoft Test Serieses.