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IBM Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Round 1: IBM Cognitive Ability Assessment approximately 30 minutes. It consists of 5 games:Shortcuts (AIM: Move Blue Marble to the Stars)Gridlock (AIM: Fill the main area with blocks given)Resemble (AIM: Create the Image after rotation)Numbubbles (AIM: Pop the bubble which is equal to Target)Tally Up (AIM: To Identify Whether Left = Right or Left > […]

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IBM Internship Interview Experience

IBM Internship Interview ExperienceIBM visited our campus for internships.Round 1(Online Test): The test contained some logical questions and games. Round 2(Technical Round):Tell me about yourself.What is polymorphism?What is the difference between foreign key and primary key?How to remove duplicates from the linked list (I was asked to implement it).Given a row of continuous zeros and then […]

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