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Mathworks EDG Program Interview Experience | On-Campus

Mathworks conducted an online test on 13th August, Friday in our college, out of which around 25 people were shortlisted.Coding Test: The online coding test (90 minutes) had MCQs and 2 coding questions. We had the liberty to choose any 2 languages out of C, C++, Java, Python.The first coding question was “Reduced Fraction Sums”.Given […]

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Mathworks Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Mathworks visited the campus on 6th August 2021 for FTE as well as internships. Here I’m going to explain the interview process for the FTE offer.Round 1(Online Test):- The first round was an online test round. The test consisted of 44 questions in total. It included the following sectionsMathematics section:- Few basic mathematics-related questions have […]

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