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Sum of absolute differences of indices of occurrences of each array element | Set 2

  import java.util.*;  class GFG {              static class pair {        int count, prevIndex;                  pair(int count, int prevIndex)        {            this.count = count;            this.prevIndex = prevIndex;        }    }                  static void findSum(int[] arr, int n)    {                        Map map = new HashMap();                          int[] left = new int[n];        int[] right = new int[n];                  for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {                          if (!map.containsKey(arr[i])) {                                                                  left[i] = 0;                map.put(arr[i], new pair(1, i));            }                                      else {                pair tmp = map.get(arr[i]);                left[i] = (tmp.count)                              * […]

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Oracle ERP Consultant Interview Experience

As an undergraduate, the first company which I interviewed for was Oracle during my college placements. I cleared up to the HR round and then faced rejection. But this experience is not about that one.The second time I got the opportunity for a JOB in Oracle was from a message from HR.Online Test: The first […]

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