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PayPal Interview Experience for SDE-2 (3.6 Years Experienced)

I have applied for the SDE-2 role through Instahyre. Got a call from HR and then a test link was sent to me.Round 1(Online Assessment): Online Assessment on HackerEarth.There were three DS-Algo questions. Questions are categorized based on various levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard.I have solved 2 questions with all test cases being passed and […]

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PayPal Interview Experience for Software Engineer-2 Chennai

PayPal Interview Experience for Software Engineer-2 ChennaiEach round happens on a knock-out basis.Round 1 : (Hackerearth based test) [Time : 1h15m]This round had 2 questions. Given an array of size N and K queries, find the number of segments containing the index(from queires) which is leftmost or rightmost and the number at index is >= each […]

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