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Find a prime number S containing given number N in it

Given an integer N, find a prime number S such that all digits of N occur in a contiguous sequence. There may be multiple answers. Print any one of them.Example:Input: N = 42Output: 42013Explanation: 42013 is a prime and 42 occurs as a contiguous number in it. 15427 is also a correct answer.Input: N = […]

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Generate a sequence with product N such that for every pair of indices (i, j) and i < j, arr[j] is divisible by arr[i]

  #include using namespace std;  vector primeFactor(    int N){        vector v;          int count = 0;          while (!(N % 2)) {                  N >>= 1;        count++;    }          if (count)        v.push_back({ 2, count });          for (int i = 3;         i 2)        v.push_back({ N, 1 });      return v;}  void printAnswer(int n){            vector v        = primeFactor(n);      int maxi_size = 0, prime_factor = 0;                  for (int i = 0; i < v.size(); i++) {          if (maxi_size < v[i].second) {            maxi_size = v[i].second;            prime_factor = […]

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2 Keys Keyboard Problem

2 Keys Keyboard ProblemGiven a positive integer N and a string S initially it is “A”, the task is to minimize the number of operations required to form a string consisting of N numbers of A’s by performing one of the following operations in each step:Copy all the characters present in the string S.Append all […]

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