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What will happen if a print() statement is written inside a if() such as if(print())

Pre-requisite: if-elseThis article focuses on discussing what happens when the print statement is used inside the if-else conditional statement.For example: Consider the below code and predict the output.C  #include   int main(){        if (printf(“I’m Awesome!n”))                  main();          else if (printf(“I’m Not Awesomen”))                  main();}C++  #include using namespace std;  int main(){        if (printf(“I’m Awesome!n”))                  main();          else if (printf(“I’m Not Awesomen”))                  main();    return 0;}Guessing the Expected Output: Most general guess for the […]

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How Programming Languages are Changing the World?

Programming has been revolutionizing the world since the advent of the first software or a code-based project. Programming or coding has opened numerous new ways and paved the way for innovation in almost every industry. Today, with various types of coding languages available and modern tech-powered tools to assist, something new and innovative is always […]

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Is It Worth Learning Golang?

Golang is a terminology that is gaining utmost popularity in this pandemic era. If you split this term, the result you will get is Go+Lang. The meaning, in simple terms, is that Go indicates Google here while Lang indicates Language. Thus, in short, Golang is Google Language having syntax same as that of C. If […]

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