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Samsung R&D PRISM Research Internship Interview Experience

Samsung PRISM stands for Preparing and Inspiring Student Minds. It is a student program offering students a chance to work on real-world projects, interact with Samsung’s top technical experts and provide hands-on experience in core technology domains.As part of this program, Students and Professors form teams. Each team will be assigned a work-let and a […]

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Samsung Bangalore (SRIB) Internship Interview Experience

Samsung Bangalore (SRIB) Internship Interview ExperienceSRIB visited our campus in September 2020 for internships.Online Coding Round: It had 3 coding questions. The duration was 70mins.Find the highest prime factor for a given number N.Given data of all nodes of a binary tree (pointer-based),  find the difference between maximum and minimum value.Given root node of binary […]

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Samsung Delhi (SRI-D) Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

Samsung Delhi (SRI-D) Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021Samsung’s R&D Delhi (SRI-D) visited our campus NIT Delhi in March 2021 for the SDE-I Roles. Students have to go to Samsung’s Noida Center for the Coding Assessment.In Coding Assessment round, there were one coding question of 3 hours. STL is not allowed so be comfortable in proper implementation […]

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