Category: Software Engineering

Decision Table Based Testing in Software Testing

What is a Decision Table :Decision tables are used in various engineering fields to represent complex logical relationships. This testing is a very effective tool in testing the software and its requirements management. The output may be dependent on many input conditions and decision tables give a tabular view of various combinations of input conditions […]

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Software paradigm and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Overview :Software paradigm refers to method and steps, which are taken while designing the software programming paradigm is a subset of software design paradigm which is future for other a subset of software development paradigm. Software is considered to be a collection of executable programming code, associated libraries, and documentation. Software development paradigm is also […]

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ISO Standards in Software Engineering

ISO Standards in Software Engineering Prerequisite – ISO 9000 Certification in Software EngineeringOverview :The mission of the International Standard Organization is to market the development of standardization and its related activities to facilitate the international exchange of products and services. It also helps to develop cooperation within the different activities like spheres of intellectual, scientific, […]

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