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UHG Optum Interview Experience for SDE-1 (On-Campus)

Recently, Optum(UHG) visited our campus for the position of Full time SDE, Data Analyst and Data scientist.There were 3 rounds for the selection and total, 14 people out of 150+ are selected and I am happy to say, I am one of them and here I am sharing my interview experience.Round 1(Online Test): Duration: 1:30 […]

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UHG(Optum) Interview Experience | Off-Campus

1st Round – This was an online coding exam consisting of 3 questions from DS/Algo and 3 questions on SQL. The difficulty level was medium, the overall time to solve all the questions was 2 hours.  2nd Round –  This was the first technical interview, it started with a basic introduction and about what I […]

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