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Walmart Interview Experience for SDE | On- Campus 2021 (Virtual)

Walmart Global Tech visited our campus in the month of August, to hire students for the Software Development Engineer role.Initially, there was a CGPA based shortlisting, after which around 250 students were selected to attend the Online Assessment.Online Assessment: The platform was HackerEarth, time duration was 1 hour10 technical MCQs, belonging to OOPS, OS, DBMS, […]

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Walmart Interview Experience for SDE-2

I participated in Codehers ’21 and called for an interview after clearing it.Round 1:All about projectsWhat is multithreading?What is exception handling? How do you implement it? Explaining code.What is TCP/IP handshaking?What actually happens when you are notified by the browser that the site is not safe?What do you know about DBMS?What are containers? Difference between […]

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Walmart Interview Experience

Round 1:It was an online round hosted by Walmart on dare2dare. It consisted of 2 coding questions. The coding question goes like this :1: This question is also asked in the onsite 2nd intuit interview of SDE-1.Exactly one swapGiven a string S containing lowercase English alphabet characters. The task is to calculate the number of […]

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