Deloitte USI Interview Experience for Consulting

Company: Deloitte USIJob Profile: ConsultingLocation: Mumbai/Bangalore/Hyderabad/DelhiPlacement Process:Verbal Section (25 mins for 25 questions)Logical Reasoning(35 mins for 25 questions)Quants. (35 mins for 25 questions)Round 1: Aptitude Test(MCQs)The test was on the AMCAT platform both cam and mic ON.The test was adaptive which means only if you submit your answer the nextquestion is going to pop up. You cannot traverse.It was a time-based test. Each section had an individual time limit.This was an elimination round.63 students were selected after this round.This is the link I used to practice MCQs: 2: Personal InterviewThis was a one-on-one interview and the panelist was having a copy of my resume.Tips: All questions were follow-up questions to make sure you are in the driver’s seat and driving your interview in the direction you want.Tell me about yourself ( I had 9 months online coding instructor internship so mentioned it )Questions asked:He told me he was a lower kg kid and told me to teach him coding so using theblock-based coding platform I taught him and he interestedWhere do I see myself in the next 5 years?Gone through all my projects5What is one new thing you have learned?Asked about my recent project.Problems I faced while working in a team.Then I asked him questions and he answered that we had a nice conversation. We were talking about Deloitte.Do research about the company.Though I was not asked any technical questions, some of my friends were told towrite codes, a lot of java and SQL questions.39 students were selected after the interview round.Verdict: Selected.Tips:Keep the interview a conversation between two people.Keep your HR answers ready.Be in the driver’s seat and give directions to your interview. Talk about a project whichyou want the panelist to ask you.Research about the company(Follow them on LinkedIn and keep reading about them).Attention reader! Don’t stop learning now. Get hold of all the important DSA concepts with the DSA Self Paced Course at a student-friendly price and become industry ready. To complete your preparation from learning a language to DS Algo and many more, please refer Complete Interview Preparation Course. In case you are prepared, test your skills using TCS, Wipro, Amazon. Google ,  E-Litmus and Microsoft Test Serieses.