Deutsche Bank Interview Experience 2020

Deutsche Bank Interview Experience 2020Round 1(Online Test):It was a string manipulation question. Suppose input was string1, string2, and k seconds. We have to choose every i from 1 to k and shift a character from the string by i index (eg: if i=3 then ‘a’ would be shifted to ‘d’). Each i could be chosen only once. We need to check if we can convert string1 to string2. (20 marks)Input:
string1 = ‘abc’
string2 = ‘ddd’
YesGiven N, find two numbers with a product greater than or equal to N and with minimum sum.(50 marks)Input -15
Output-8It was a DFS question where edges representing time, we had to find the total minimum time spent in visiting all vertices, but there was a sequence given in which we can visit vertices. (50 marks)Solved by defining a comparator and then sorting the edges.I did second question of 50 marks with all test cases passed and in first question I got 12 marks out of 20.So in total, I got 62 marks out of 120.Round 2(Technical): 45 minutesTell me about yourself.Tell me your favourite data structure(Linked list for me).Difference between linked list and array.Write a program in notepad and share your screen to find if 1st linked list is contained in 2nd linked list or not, if present then print “yes” otherwise “no”.Write structure of linked list.Explain the concepts of oops in detail with real-life examples and also tell the difference between procedural programming language and object-oriented programming language.(explain oops concept from starting and explain in detail).Explain your project in detail like which technology u used and how many  modules are there in ur project ,everything which is related to ur project.and also explain database of ur project, relations between tables.Explain Queue data structure, explain its working with real-life example and what is enque and deque in it.Explain dynamic programming. Write a program of Fibonacci series using dp approach.Do you have any questions(Always ask some good questions)?Round 3(Technical): 1 hourWhat is circular linked list, try to confuse by giving some conditions.Write a program to insert a element in circular linked list, but the condition is you have to insert the element after getting smaller element from the given element. (After explaining  my approach he was trying to confuse me by adding some more conditions in the question, so don’t be confused listen the conditions carefully and try to modify your code according to the given conditions).Explain your first project in detail that you have mentioned in your resume, he asked everything like  database of my project, relations between tables in detail, then he starts asking SQL queries (very difficult), he gave some hypothetical tables to me and asked queries on that tables, and trying to confuse me by adding several conditions on the answer of the query.Draw a flowchart of your project.In your project, as you used userid and password for login, so how you store password in database in encrypted form (write code for it).Write a SQL query for finding second highest salary,55th highest salary.Asked all three projects in detail.What in Artificial neural network, the difference between ANN and CNN, how many types of neural networks are there, from where u download dataset for ur Ml project.What is blind write,dirty read?Difference between Strict schedule and cascadeless schedule .explain by  giving example.Tip: if you have any database  project prepare  it very well and practice the database my second round interviewer focused only on my projects,asked all the  things and confused me in sql  queries.Round 4(PRO-FIT): 45 minutes It was a very long day   ,u tired  na????(you have to answer this  question very carefully, don’t take it lightly or as a normal question).Tell about ur journey from 10th till MCA, what are the difficulties and challenging situations come in your life and how you deal with it. What are the qualities in you which become your strength in your hard time and what are your weakness in this situation(don’t be fake ,be real). After listening to my journey he appreciates my efforts, my strengths, very much happy  by listening my journey.Explain in detail all the  words in (public static void main).what  is  the  need for  writing static in main method syntax,Is JVM not able to create  object.What would happen if I write public static int main in place of public static void main.(an error would come or not?? And if an error would come then which type of error runtime error or compile-time error and also tell the error msg in detail).  Do you have any questions?Round 5(HR)Tell me about yourself that you are not mentioned in your resume.Explain your project(anyone).  Do you have any questions?  TIPS:Always be confident when you are giving answers, the interviewer also tests your confidence by confusing you.Read carefully all the things which you have  mentioned in your resume. don’t write so much extra things.THAT’S ALL ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE HOPE THIS WILL BE HELPFUL TO YOUALL THE BEST.Attention reader! Don’t stop learning now. Get hold of all the important DSA concepts with the DSA Self Paced Course at a student-friendly price and become industry ready. To complete your preparation from learning a language to DS Algo and many more, please refer Complete Interview Preparation Course. In case you are prepared, test your skills using TCS, Wipro, Amazon and Microsoft Test Serieses.