Devtools Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

Hi All ! In this article I am discussing about DEVTOOLS Interview Experience. The role they offered is Devops Engineer and Business Development.It is an offline drive. It happened within the campus. There are around 4 rounds. All branches are allowed.Round 1: Round 1 is Aptitude round. They asked questions on quants, verbal, reasoning. Apart from these they asked some general questions related to General Knowledge. It is a 1-hour test. Some aptitude topics are time and work, profit and loss, numerical series, synonyms, antonyms, Simple Interest and compound Interest. Round 2: Round 2 is a Technical round. It is different for different branches. For CS and IS, they asked java programming and pseudocodes. For ECE and EEE , they asked C++ programming questions and pseudocodes and finding the output of the given code snippets. For Civil and Mechanical branches, they asked C programming questions and pseudocodes and finding the output of the given code snippets. You can practice the questions from Indiabix and GFG Mcq section.  After this round some people are eliminated and around 15 people selected for next round.In this round they selected people for both the roles. I mean some people for Devops role and the remaining for Business Development role.Round 3: Round 3 is a Technical Interview for those who selected for Devops role and Group discussion for those who selected for Business Development role. In Technical Interview they asked below questions.Introduce yourself.Tell me about your project.What difficulties you face during the project?What do you about Devtools company?What do you know about Devops?Why you want to join the company?Rate yourself in your favourite programming language.It went for half-an-hour.These are the questions they asked in my Technical Interview. They asked what is there in my resume. So make sure you know your resume better. After this round 7 people got shortlisted.After this round, for the final round they asked us to come to the office the next day for the HR interview.Round 4: Round 4 is an HR Interview. There are 5 people who have taken HR round for me. They asked me below questions.Introduce yourself.What are your strengths and weaknesses?How do you overcome your weakness?What is your goal?Where do you see yourself after 5 years.What is your family Background?It went for 30-40 mins. After two days, I got offer letter.