ETech Designers and Developers Interview Experience (On-Campus)

It was an On-Campus Interview. They held total 4 Rounds.Round 1(Aptitude Test): 60 MCQs, 1hrIt was done through a Google Form. About 80% questions were quants (profit-loss, time and work etc.) and 20% were on verbal ability (passages, synonyms and antonyms).Round 2(Online Coding Round): They held this round through Hacker Earth platform.There were 3 coding questions and duration was 2:30 hrs. All the questions were basic problems. They asked the following problems :Sorting a linked listFinding if all vowels are presentTower of HanoiRound 3(Online Coding + Technical Interview): This round was held the next day itself through Team Viewer. In this round, they first gave 2 coding questions and 1:30hrs time. The questions were classic algorithmic problems:Longest Common SubsequenceRound Robin Job SchedulingThen, the shortlisted candidates from this coding round for the interview, held through Cisco Webex after an hour the coding part got over. The interviewer asked about any projects that I did. He asked to explain the project and what tools I used in it.I had done my project in Java and SQL, so, he asked me questions on Java(Exceptions and Multithreading, Inheritance) and SQL (asked me to write a couple of queries). Then, he asked questions related to Linked Lists, Graphs and Hash Tables. All questions were mostly theoretical(definitions, advantages, complexity analysis etc.) up to this point.Then the interviewer gave me 2 coding questions.The questions were as follows:Detecting cycle in a GraphMerging two Linked ListsAfter this, I was asked a few more questions on Computer Networks ( Routing) and the interview got over. The total duration of the interview was around 3hrs.Round 4(Technical + HR Interview): This round held 2 days after the Round 3 at their office.In this round, I was first asked general questions about my interests and SWOT analysis etc. Then, the interviewer posed the following puzzle – Place 10 coconuts in 5 lines such that each line has 4 coconuts.Then, the interview moved towards the technical part, where they tested me completely on Databases, Computer Networks and UNIX. They mainly covered Normalization and Networking Protocols (TCP, HTTP etc.), and various UNIX Commands. Finally, the interview came to an end with 2 coding questions – Matrix Chain Multiplication and Egg Dropping Puzzle. This final round went on for about 2hrs.Overall, I felt it was a fair interview, but quite unexpected problems were asked in the coding rounds. I hope to get a call in a few days of time from them.