GAP Interview Experience for Software Engineer (On-Campus)

GAP came to our campus for the role of Software Engineer. There were 3 rounds in total.Round 1: Online TestHey geek! It’s time to become a success story instead of reading them. Check out our most renowned DSA Self Paced Course, now at a student-friendly price and become industry ready. And if you are looking for a more complete interview preparation resource, check out Complete Interview Preparation Course that will prepare you for the SDE role of your dreams!Feeling prepared enough for your interview? Test your skills with our Test Series that will help you prepare for top companies like Amazon, Microsft, TCS, Wipro, Google and many more!It was divided into three sections :The first section consisted of 40 Aptitude MCQs.The second section consisted of 20 Technical MCQs.Output the most occurring value in array: Eg: 1, 2, 1, 1, 5; Output: 1The third section consisted of 2 coding questions which were of easy to medium level. The questions were:Output the element in which the value of the element has the maximum digitsum possibleEg.: 20, 21, 19 ; Output: 19 (2+0=2, 2+1=3, 1+9=10)Round 2: Technical InterviewSo basically, they started with my introduction and then directly jumped on the coding part in which they gave me a question of the array which was to find the second largest element in the array and while I was doing the question, he asked me some questions related to the program. Then he asked me about the definition of data structures and the importance of data structures.Then difference between array and linked list and asked me to explain the binary tree.He then asked me about the oops concept which included abstraction and examples of it.Then he asked me about non-technical stuff which included explaining to him any innovative idea and stuff like that.He finished the interview by asking me about sorting and searching techniques and asked me to explain any one of the techniques.Round 3: HR InterviewFirstly, they asked me to introduce myself and asked me why I want to join GAP as Software Engineer and then asked a little bit about my aspirations and goals.