GGK Tech Interview Experience (On-Campus)

GGK Tech Interview Experience (On-Campus)
GGK Technologies came to our college for placements and they had four rounds of interviews.
Written Test:
The written test consisted of Aptitude, Reasoning, English, Java coding questions for which output has to be answered. The difficulty level was Easy-medium and I’ve cracked it.
On-Paper coding round:
They started us giving coding questions one by one with some time limit. If we are unable to solve it within that time we’ll be eliminated. They totally gave 3 questions and out of which one is the basic Fibonacci series and the other two were some logical-based coding questions.Technical Interview:
The technical interview was too long and the interview tested my knowledge in various domains.
He asked me some logical puzzles and asked me to explain about my final year and side projects.
He asked me to show the examination portal which I’ve designed for my college’s online examinations and asked questions on that.
TCS Codevita coding round results were declared just before the interview day and HR asked me If given a job at TCS and GGK which one would I choose and I told him about my interest in working at a startup like GGK.
He asked about my family background and some questions related to my personal interests.
Finally, he told me that I was selected and took some signatures on the document.
GGK tech is a great place to work. I’ve got great exposure to various technologies and domains working there.