Google Interview Experience for Software Engineer (November 2020)

Google Interview Experience for Software Engineer (November 2020)Note: All rounds were virtual.Phone Screen Round:Implement a doubly-linked list, with all edge cases considered.Onsite Rounds:Round 1: Add (Key, value) pairs of two lists which are representing different values at different time stamps. HINT: USE Interpolation and Extrapolation, to find the values of the missing time stamp.Round 2: The question was about pattern matching. The scenarios were: If we are given a directory structure,
then /foo /foo are exact matches, and /foo /bar are no matches.
/foo/* means after /foo, There can be one directory
or no directory.
The last case was: /foo/** which means 0
or more directoriesRound 3:We have a rectangle city map, occupied with some buildings, parks, etc. We need to find if we have enough space for a building of a given size (m*n).Round 4:Code Version diff question, like git.Two versions given as a string, find whether an insert/ delete or update operation has been done, at what index, and what is the change.Behavioral Round:Most Recent challenging work.What qualities you want in your manager.Anytime conflict faced, and how you handled it.If you were designing Photos, what will be your approach to identify smiling faces.