IHS Markit Interview Experience | On-Campus Graduate Program 2021

IHS Markit Interview Experience | On-Campus Graduate Program 2021
It was an On-Campus Opportunity for the post of Associate Software Engineer.
ROUND 1 (Pymetric Test): The First round was a pymetrics test, https://www.pymetrics.ai/ which basically is a sort of personality test which shortlisted about 80 candidates out of the 350 which applied. No real preparation required, it’s a bunch of games based on common sense.
Round 2 (Technical Test on FirstNaukri.com): 
This consisted of four sections:
Aptitude test
AI/ML test(optional section)
Technical MCQ based on DBMS, OS, C++, Java
2 coding questions in your preferred language.(1 SQL, 1 Coding)
The level of questions were moderate and you would be able to clear them with normal preparation.After this round, about 18 candidates were shortlisted from the above 80.
Round 3(Technical Interview): The Interview Experience was really great, and the interview revolved mostly around the resume. Discussing the technologies used in projects in terms of in-depth understanding. I made a backend application and was asked about the normalisation of the tables I used in my relational database. Also, some basic DsAlgo questions were asked such as Dutch national flag, Floyd’s cycle, Middle point in a linked list, the Intersection point of Linked Lists, BFS, DFS, etc. They also discussed Java and basic questions about the language like collections, oops, etc.
Questions on SQL and DBMS were also asked.
After this 3 candidates were rejected.
Some people had a second technical interview too, I however did not!
Final results were announced about 2 weeks later due to Covid.
Final Verdict: Selected!