L&T- NxT Interview Experience for Graduate Engineer Trainee | On-Campus 2021

L&T-Nxt is a subsidiary company of Larson and Tubro Group. It mainly works in the field of AI and IoT.Sit tight as my Interview Experience is a roller coaster. As in big organizations like L & T, it takes time and patience.Important Dates:Online Test(Aptitude) – 9 Nov 2020Technical Interview I – 3 Feb 2021Coding Test (Part of L&T-NxT) – 17 Feb 2021Technical Interview II – 22 Mar 2021Managerial Round – 24 Mar 2021Online Test: It was a normal aptitude test with all basic Aptitude questions like time & speed, work proportions, etc, along with our Computer Science fundamental questions in OS, Networking & DBMS.After the online aptitude test interview process of other branches continued…Technical Interview I: After a long wait, in Feb, I got a call from HR that I have a technical Interview in two days.Questions:Tell me about yourself (It almost framed my interview)What is Binary SearchWhat is the difference between Array and a linked listWhat were your projects and your role in itAs I have a web dev project in Node JS- so they dive deep into the implementation of the database(No SQL as implemented)How did you implement authentication in your projectCoding Test: After a week I got a mail from my placement office is that our batch of CSE eligible candidates had been transferred from L & T Constructions to L&T-NxT (which was surely good news), and also we have a coding test in mid-Feb.So the format of the Coding Test was(3 hrs time):Three levels- each contain 6 questions (Levels- easy, medium, hard)Solve any four out of six from each level* I’m adding questions that I have done, can’t remember all of themEasy LevelExtract numbers’ sum from an 18 digit alphanumeric string input.Create a web to implement a simple calculator which also shows the history of calculations(History-Didn’t implemented)Medium LevelWrite a program to check the validity of a password.Hard LevelAn array traversal problem.* Question asked were pure web development and implementation based, I have picked my questions and solved them accordingly.Technical Interview IIQuestions (Interviewer was a Platform Developer):Tell me about yourselfWhat are linear and non-linear data structures?Which data structure would you implement to store the data of a company? and why? (Union and structure dynamic implementation)Which concept are you using to define the schema of these data structures? (OOP)What are the basic concepts of Object-Oriented programming?Which concept would you choose to extract data from two tables? (Foreign Key & Joins- Discuss Both)What were your projects and your role in them? (Web Development and Data Schema Implementation role)He also asked about the concept I have used for text summarization in my NLP project.Overall this interview round almost took 60+ minutes. These types of interviews are often enjoyable as they discuss all the CS fundamentals open-ended. Managerial RoundQuestions(Interviewer was a Tech Lead ):What is the difference between C, C++ & Python?What is the difference between array and vector?What is a map and how it is implemented in C++?What are your hobbies? (Cricket and singing), then asked about which player do you like the most? (Virat Kohli)(Most important question according to me)- I think Virat Kohli plays for himself in the team, so would you also think about playing for yourself rather than playing for the team?On 9 April (Exactly after 5 months of my aptitude test), I got an Offer Letter for GET(Graduate Engineer Trainee) from L&T- Nxt HR department. * Good things take time to happen, the main point is you have to be 100% ready to grab that opportunity.Attention reader! Don’t stop learning now. Get hold of all the important DSA concepts with the DSA Self Paced Course at a student-friendly price and become industry ready.  To complete your preparation from learning a language to DS Algo and many more,  please refer Complete Interview Preparation Course.   In case you are prepared, test your skills using TCS, Wipro, Amazon and Microsoft Test Serieses.