McKinsey Interview Experience for Software Associate Internship

Mckinsey has visited the college campus on April 2021 for an Internship (Jan-Jul 2022) for the role of Software associate.  Round 1: The first round consists of 2 coding questions and 2 SQL queries.Questions asked were:Coding Ques 1. Merge Overlapping intervals  Coding Ques 2. Some sort of Dynamic Programming questionSQL query one was medium and another was easy.I solved 2 SQL Queries and 1 coding question completely. The DP question, I solved using brute force, hence passed 5/15 cases.Got shortlisted for the next round along with 31 students.Round 2: The Second Round is a Code pair round. One of the Mckinsey staff will accompany you throughout the round.Round 3: The third round is a technical round.  I mentioned about my internship. So the interviewer questioned in-depth about the internship project (OS-based). The Conversation lasted for 30 minutes.Asked about the projects. Picked one of the projects and asked to draw all the tables that have been used in the database for the project. Then an SQL Query from those tables.Asked my favorite Data Structures. I answered Arrays and Linked lists. I was asked to give an approach for reversal linked lists. I gave the approach using stack. Further was questioned on Time complexity (O(n)) and Space Complexity (O(n)). I was asked if there is any way that the space complexity can be reduced.  Got called for the next round!  Round 4: The Fourth Round is Personal Experience and Case interview round.For Personal Experience, I was asked to tell about the situation where there is a disagreement with a colleague and how you resolved it.For the Case Interview, I was given a scenario, where a company wants to do a product launch. The product may be a  high-end tablet with advanced features at a high price or an Ordinary Tablet with minimal features at a cheaper price. I was asked to analyze the factors about the product (not to judge which option is best).  I was given some numbers like profit% and the price of the product and asked to find,The cost of manufacturing the product.if 2,00,000 low-end tablet is sold out, how many high-end tablets should be sold to get the same profit?I wasn’t selected for the next round which is the managerial round followed by HR. They selected 2/39 students finally.But that’s alright, prepare well for all the opportunities you get. Try your best so that you won’t have any regrets. All the best!!Attention reader! Don’t stop learning now. Get hold of all the important DSA concepts with the DSA Self Paced Course at a student-friendly price and become industry ready. To complete your preparation from learning a language to DS Algo and many more, please refer Complete Interview Preparation Course. In case you are prepared, test your skills using TCS, Wipro, Amazon. Google and Microsoft Test Serieses.