Modify Binary Tree by replacing each node with the product of all remaining nodes

  #include using namespace std;  class Node {public:    int data;    Node *left, *right;          Node(int data)    {        this->data = data;        left = NULL;        right = NULL;    }};  Node* newNode(int value){    Node* temp = new Node(value);    return (temp);}  int findProduct(Node* root){        if (root == NULL)        return 1;              return (root->data            * findProduct(root->left)            * findProduct(root->right));}  void display(Node* root){        if (root == NULL)        return;              display(root->left);          cout data right);}  void convertTree(int product,                 Node* root){        if (root == NULL)        return;              root->data = product / (root->data);          convertTree(product, root->left);          convertTree(product, root->right);}  int main(){        Node* root = newNode(1);    root->left = newNode(2);    root->right = newNode(3);      root->right->left = newNode(4);    root->right->right = newNode(5);      cout