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Introduction: Talent acquisition is an important, complex, and time-consuming function within Human Resources (HR). According to, not only is there a staggering one million people coming into the job market every month, but there is also a huge turnover. From our research, the lack of a standard structure and format for finding suitable candidates for open roles proves to be the most challenging part of the recruiting process, especially when there are many applicants. Because recruiters do not have tools dedicated to the complete recruiting process, we have discovered that they combine tools like spreadsheets, notepads, and more, shuffling among them to fulfill their assigned tasks. Recruiting Tool is poised to develop software that serves as a one-stop-shop for recruiters, effectively speeding up the recruitment process by reducing the time taken to complete these seemingly monotonous, time-consuming tasks. This tool aims at managing and tracking candidates, providing feedback, scheduling meetings, taking notes/memos, and facilitating direct messaging with candidates and hiring managers.The objective of this project is to develop an applicant tracking system to provide recruiters across the world with an easy-to-use tool to manage every step of the recruiting process in a timely manner. The tool provides features, such as in-app and external calendar compatibility to ensure an organized and simple schedule, an in-app messaging system to aid communication between applicants and recruiters, direct push notifications to notify the user of the current status of various applications, and automation of time-consuming and monotonous tasks. Hire At Ease is focused on providing features to enable recruiter success by aiding optimization and productivity during candidate management and communication.Executive Summary: Candidate experience is essentially the perception of a job seeker about an employer, based on the interaction during the recruitment process.  This experience shapes candidate’s expectations about future interactions with the employer. We believe that the use of our recruiting tool will not only save both time and money from an organization’s perspective but will also objectively improve the overall candidate experience. By parsing, organizing, and uploading information relating to job applicants, RecruitingTool is expected to make candidate data easily accessible and searchable for HR professionals.The Hire At Ease provides the following key features:Email automation to assist HR professionals with repetitive tasks.Data processing to form valuable profiles using details of the job applicants.AI-powered chatbots to quickly answer candidate’s common questions.Enhanced candidate experience, so recruiters can focus more on building relationships.Email automation to assist HR professionals with repetitive tasks.High usability through easy-to-use clearly defined and correctly functioning features.Implement an automated email scheduling mechanism to assist with every step of the recruiter workflow that involves communication with the candidates.Tools & Technologies Used: The entire web application is developed using Laravel Framework. Apache webserverPHP 7.3ComposerLaravel 8MySQLAtom editorIMPLEMENTATIONEmail automationBuild and develop codeCreate backend services to implement business functionsDebug and fix code issuesCandidate screeningIdentify NLTK libraries to implement semantic analysisBuild and develop codeDebug and fix code issuesIdentify or create job description keywords and candidate resumes for training and testing ML algorithmsPredict the accuracy of the ML algorithm and improve the resultsFormat and display the results to the front-end screensRecruiting or Scheduling chatbotsIdentify AI Machine Learning approach or algorithms for the project needsDesign and develop chatbotsCreate backend services to implement business functionsBuild development environment to host the application and integrate necessary backend services, database connectivityIdentify or create data to train and test ML algorithmsDebug and fix code issuesFuture Plans: Since the project is aiming to be a complete ATS, there are other goals the software should achieve such as providing:Follow-up email generations and notifications to Hiring Manager (HM):Just like follow-up emails to candidates, except the recipient is the HMCandidate History:Create a linked worksheet for candidates based on their profiles, detailing job applications, status, and notes from the recruiter and/or hiring managersMapping Candidates to job pipelines:A pipeline will hold information about candidates who may be suitable for future positions.Create an interface or container for creating custom headings (by job title or skills) and mapping to the candidate profile.Hyper-personalization:Automatically keeping track of click rates on features available in the application and time spent in various parts of the recruiting pipeline.Use ML and AI to dynamically suggest and restructure recruiters recruiting workflow based on observed trends.Git: