push_back() vs emplace_back() in C++ STL Vectors

push_back() vs emplace_back() in C++ STL VectorsIn C++, vectors are dynamic arrays, that can grow or shrink and their storage is handled by the container itself. There are two ways of inserting an element in a vector. They are push_back() and emplace_back(). In this article, we will discuss the difference between them.push_back():This method is used to insert elements in a vector from the end of the container. As the flexibility in the size of the vector is dynamic, the size of the container also increased by 1 after inserting any new element.Program 1:C++  #include #include   using namespace std;  class GFG {  public:    float x, y;          GFG(float x, float y)        : x(x), y(y)    {    }          GFG(const GFG& GFG)        : x(GFG.x), y(GFG.y)    {        cout