Shell Interview Experience 2021

Shell had its online test on 25th August 2021 and 600 students were eligible for the test. The job roles they were looking for were Transformation Change Analyst and IT Software Engineer. We had the option of choosing either one of them or both of them. The complete recruitment process for both the roles was the same. Round 1:This was an approximately 2hr long test, with a fixed time for different sections, and the time couldn’t be carried over.The first section had 2 questions with approximately 60 mins to solve them.Given n bowls with an increasing number of marbles in them, one of the bowls is missing; we have to find the number of marbles in the missing bowl. Given (n+1)%2==0 alwaysExample:
Input: n=5, arr[]={1,3,5,9,11}
Output: 7Explanation:In the series 1,3,5.. the missing element is 7. So the number of marbles in the missing bowl is 7. A number of unique elements in an array of n elements up to k, where k