TCS Codevita Interview Experience

TCS Codevita Interview Experience
TCS CodeVita Coding test:
Back in 2018, I’ve registered for codevita and gave the coding test. There were 6 coding problems and the difficulty was medium. I’ve managed to solve 3 questions completely and passed some test cases in the other 3.Most of the Questions were from Arrays and Strings. If you can solve Easy and medium level questions on Hackerrank, you can easily do these questions.
After one week, we got the result and I got 4k(approx) worldwide rank and was invited for an interview.
The interview was held at JNTU Hyderabad and I was the second person in my slot to enter the room. We were told that there will be three rounds of interviews. Technical, Managerial, and HR round. But after entering the room the panel was of three persons and they’ve conducted all three rounds then and there.Technical:
They had my source code for all the 6 coding questions and asked me to walk through all the code and asked me to explain the time and space complexities.
He asked me to write a code for the elevator system and I’ve done that and walked him through it.
He asked me about my interests and I told him that I was very much into web development. He asked me some basic questions about HTML, CSS, JS and he asked me to design a text box with a button and on click, the text box should disappear. I’ve done it
He asked me about my final year project and some of my side projects.
He gave me a puzzle and asked me to solve it in 60 secs and I’ve solved it in 10 secs.
The interviewer gave a scenario like “Assume that you are managing a team and there’s a deadline coming soon. One of your teams never attends the meetings and will be always in the cafeteria playing games and chatting. What will you do in such a situation? How will you handle him? I’ve answered something since I’ve not read anything about interview questions before. she was satisfied and appreciated me.
HR was too friendly and just took my consent to work 24/7 in any shift and at any location and took my signatures on some documents.
After 7 days I got a mail saying that I’ve got selected for the Ninja role and I am eligible to sit for the TCS Digital test.
I gave the digital test but didn’t crack it.
Currently, I’m working at TCS as an Assistant Systems Engineer.