TCS Digital Interview Experience

TCS Digital Interview Experience
I attempted TCS NQT conducted in October 2020.
A written round consists of five modules. They are:
Numerical ability
Logical reasoning
Verbal ability
MCQ’s (Basically predicting output type): 15 questions in 15 minutes
Coding (Two questions need to be solved in 45 minutes) 
Written round is tough. If you can clear it, interview 
Top performers (around 3000) in TCS NQT are eligible for a digital written round. 
The remaining who clears the cut-off of NQT are eligible for TCS ninja interviews. 
In a digital round, they gave 2 advanced coding questions to be solved in 60 minutes. 
I did 2 questions.  I am eligible for TCS digital interview round. 
TR, MR, and HR rounds are conducted at one time. Three panels are present. 
Some technical questions are:Explain the difference between C and C++
What do you know about C++? 
Explain oops concepts. 
Do you know about DBMS? 
What do you know about DBMS? 
Explain your approach for how to reverse a string?
Explain how to sort an array? 
MR questions:
Introduce yourself
Explain your project. 
Some follow-up questions on my project. 
HR questions:
Difference between smart work and hard work. 
Who is your role model? 
Asked about certifications in my resume. 
Are you willing to relocate?
The questions they asked were very simple. Same questions for my friend also. 
Interview time: 30 minutes