TCS Interview Experience

This blog shows the case of a generic CORE branch student who finds his way to an IT company. Through this, you can get an idea of how you can achieve the same.
Being in tier 2 or 3 college comes with its own privilege to enjoy, there will be those fixed 2-3 companies for which you’ll be eligible for and the best part is that you will know A-Z about those companies, their selection criteria, job profile and everything else because you have spent your entire college life researching on these.
For a CORE branch student with the average academic record, the easiest way to get a job is to sit for any mass recruiter IT company. The interesting part of it is that you won’t have to be technically prepared for getting into the company as you belong to a different domain and you are not expected to be good in IT subject matters.
For everyone else, there will be 4 rounds in the selection procedure.
Aptitude round
Group Discussion
Technical Interview 
HR interview
But you don’t have to worry about the technical interview because your confidence will fetch you an easy qualification in that round.Aptitude and GD Round: The aptitude and GD round will be the same as in any other company. 
Technical Round: In the Technical round, they will try to break your confidence by attacking you with generic technical CS/IT questions, but you don’t have to get demotivated or humiliated by their questions and simply answer with confidence that you don’t know the answer as it is not your domain. You have to convince them that you know 100% about your subject paper and if they ask you anything of your domain, you’ll answer each and every question without any pause. Don’t worry they won’t ask you about your subject paper, they will only see your confidence and presence of mind in this round. 
HR Round: After this, you’ll move to the HR round where you will be asked about some common questions that every other CORE branch student faces, which are:
You are a CORE branch student, why do you think entering IT sector will be beneficial for you?
You have zero knowledge about the field, how do you think you can compete with students of CS/IT who are already ahead of you in terms of knowledge in this field?
These are two basic questions that people get trapped into. It would be better if you frame answers for these questions in your own words rather than going on Google because the answers that you would create will have an essence of originality in them, that will make you stand out. 
If this blog has helped you even a bit, clearing your doubts on placement, or has helped you in any other way then my motive to write this is accomplished. Hope you do not make the above-mentioned mistakes in your interview and achieve all your dreams. All the best!!