Walmart Interview Experience for SDE | On- Campus 2021 (Virtual)

Walmart Global Tech visited our campus in the month of August, to hire students for the Software Development Engineer role.Initially, there was a CGPA based shortlisting, after which around 250 students were selected to attend the Online Assessment.Online Assessment: The platform was HackerEarth, time duration was 1 hour10 technical MCQs, belonging to OOPS, OS, DBMS, Networks, and SQL2 coding questions of medium-hard levelCoding Questions were:You are given two strings A and B that are made of lowercase English alphabets. Find the number of different pairs ((i,j), (k,l)) such that the substrings A[i…j] and B[k…l] are equal and the value of j-i+1 is minimum.C++int smallest_common_substrings(string A, string B) {    char freq[256] = {0};      for (char c : A) {        freq++;    }      int sum = 0;      for (char c : B) {        sum += freq;    }      return sum;}Given an array of N items a1,a2…..anGiven two integers K and X. Where K denotes the maximum number of jumps you can take in either direction that is from the position i, you can jump to position j in one step only if abs(j-i) > x;      int k, x;    cin >> k >> x;      cout