Western Digital Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021 (Virtual)

Western Digital Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021 (Virtual)Western Digital visited IGDTUW for hiring interns for the role of Firmware Development. There were a total of 3 rounds.Round 1 (Online Round): It was an Online Aptitude Test with a total of 45 questions to be done in 45 mins. There were 4 sections 1) Aptitude – 15 questions, 2) C/C++ Programming – 10 questions, 3) DS and OS concepts – 10 questions, 4) Electronics – 10 questions. All sections were mandatory. The marking scheme was +1 for every correct answer and a -0.25 penalty for every wrong answer.Round 2 (Technical Round – 1 hour 15 minutes): My interview was scheduled for 45 mins but it went for 1 hour 15 minutes. It started with a brief introduction about myself, then the interviewer asked me questions from my resume like about my projects and hobbies. After this, the following questions were asked:Round 3 (Technical + HR round – 45 mins): It again started with a brief introduction and discussion about my projects. Then the interviewer asked me:About my technical and non-technical skills.He again discussed the coding question I did in the last interview.What is a circular queue? How it is implemented? He then asked me about traversal and deletion in a circular queue.What are scheduling algorithms in OS?How many programming languages I have worked on? How would I rate myself in C/C++ (out of 10)?Then he asked what it is to be a part of a team?What do I know about the company?Result: Selected ????Tips for preparing for Western DigitalPractice coding in C language.Have a good understanding of Linked Lists.Remember the corporate values of WD: Think big, Do it together, Make it happen.Attention reader! Don’t stop learning now. Get hold of all the important DSA concepts with the DSA Self Paced Course at a student-friendly price and become industry ready. To complete your preparation from learning a language to DS Algo and many more, please refer Complete Interview Preparation Course. In case you are prepared, test your skills using TCS, Wipro, Amazon and Microsoft Test Serieses.